Take a time out…

Take a few minutes for a movement break today. First put on some soft music and sit or lay down and connect in with your breath, the beginning place of your dance.

Feel your breath and the ways it brings you life.

Place your hands on your heart and feel grateful for your beautiful body.

Move slowly on the floor, experimenting with crawling, rolling and stretching, taking your time as if you were first waking up for your day with nowhere you need to be.

Notice how it feels to spend time on the floor.

Then rise to your feet and take a mindful walk feeling each footstep as it touches the floor. Put on a song you love and dance fully – shake, shimmy, skip and leap – to energize your body, clear your mind, and awaken joy.

Return back to placing your hands on your heart – feeling your heartbeat and breath, and expressing your gratitude to your body.

Then move back into your day inhabiting your body fully, with deep respect and appreciation!