Workshops & Retreats
Workshops & Retreats

Dance, Pray, Love

Be with those who help your being


Come be with your tribe – where you get to show up just as you are – to be seen, held, loved, and celebrated in the beauty and wholeness of you. Join us for this brand new afternoon retreat as we co-create a container of safety and love for all to be nurtured by the gifts of women’s community.

We will experience the magic of music, soul led movement, intuitive writing, process art and women’s sharing and connection that will send you back into your life deeply in love with yourself, your body, your life, and the world around you.

Greetings Friends! As of August 2019, I am currently on maternity leave, taking a break from teaching. Elana will be continuing Monday morning classes. Check back here for updates.
Much Love, Elissa

Pre-registration highly suggested for these events.

Space is limited.


An afternoon of retreat, where you can feel far away from the busy-ness of life as you know it.

Space to process and share your deep wisdom, while learning from others, as we embrace the healing power of women’s sacred circle.

Readings of some of my favorite words of wisdom from various spiritual disciplines and masters.


Love, inspiration and women’s soul connection to fuel you for many days to come.


Experiential activities to help you become more embodied – practicing and grounding into yourself ways to stay connected to you and your own rhythm back in your life.

Partnering opportunities for exploring nurturing touch and contact in ways that are deeply nourishing.

Guided movement, music, meditation, ritual, prayer, writing, and process to connect you to your own inner wisdom.

Guided movement activities to receive the gifts of relationship and the profound ways we can all serve in each others growth and healing process.

Space for you to commit to yourself, relax, and be deeply nourished for the afternoon.


A magical musical ensemble of beautiful, passionate songs to awaken your heart and soul.

Feeding the Feminine Soul

“Where we stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul. Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence are the four universal healing salves.

~ Gabrielle Roth

I created this workshop many years ago, combining my PROFESSIONAL life as a psychotherapist working with eating disorders and body image issues, my PERSONAL PATH of healing my my relationship to food and my body through mindfulness, conscious dance and the expressive arts, and MY PASSION for helping others do the same. Whether you are struggling with food and body image issues, or wanting to strengthen an already healthy relationship, this workshop will support you in developing a deep love and sense of being “at home” within your skin.

Pre-registration highly suggested for these events.

Space is limited.


Self-inquiry practices and movement exploration for accessing your deep body wisdom and intuition and transforming food and body image issues.

Self-care, rejuvenation and inspiration that will feed you in the days to come.

Mindful movement, guided meditation and visualization, expressive art and journaling as key practices to developing a lasting, loving relationship to your body, your health and your wellbeing.

The beautiful gift of your expansive and creative inner life to bring healing and inspiration.

A loving, accepting community of women who sit in circle to share and teach each other.

Dancing Our Divine Human Nature

“It is a powerful thing to watch a woman wake up


Dive into your sacred dance, body wisdom, creative expression and innate joy…

Join us for an afternoon immersion as we dive into the exploration of our Divine Human Nature. Whether you have attended gatherings in the past, or are coming new, your dance awaits you. Come savor embodied wisdom and experience an expansion of the  magnificence and love that you are.  Don’t miss this date with power, all women welcome. Facilitated by Elissa Shapiro and Gabriela Masala. Elissa and Gabriela have been journeying together as soul sisters, mothers and professionals for 15 years. Their first venture, Body Vida Studio seeded a wealth of expressive arts and sacred movement communities in Austin, Texas. They have been immersed in the work of transformation, dance, creativity and Energy medicine for decades.

Pre-registration highly suggested for these events.

Space is limited.


A beautiful circle of like-minded women who gather in the spirit of alchemy, transformation and regeneration.

Practical tools to stay buoyant and fueled back in your daily life.

Solo and group expressive arts processes, free dance, mandala series and movement meditations to liberate energy, access joy and embrace your wholeness.

Activities that will offer you enlivening shifts in your states of being.


Sacred practices for bridging your divine and human nature to experience expansive wholeness, magnificence and self-love.

Sacred space to connect in with your breath and your stillness to honor your need for rest and rejuvenation.

Community Dance Parties

“Love wants to sometimes do us a great favor –
hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out” 


These conscious community dance parties are an opportunity for all ages to
gather in loving, joyful ways to celebrate life and community. 

We take off our shoes and turn up the music, offering open space for all gathered to move and connect in unstructured, playful, spontaneous ways. For those who prefer a little guidance, loosely structured group interactive activities and games are offered. Even tutu’s, scarves, and art supplies often come along. The result is a wild, joyful and sacred time connecting with others of all ages through the language of the body.

Offered at various times throughout the year, click below to view upcoming dates, or contact Elissa to schedule your own private dance party.

All are welcome!


An afternoon to take off your shoes and leave your worries at the door.

A space to be silly and have fun.

Play, Laughter and heart-felt connection with community. 

Heart opening, uplifting music across all decades and genres.

Space to move and dance with friends of all ages.

Love Notes…

I can’t thank Elissa enough for the beautiful gift her dance has given me…a new and deeper relationship with myself.  Until her workshop, I saw movement as being something I “did” rather that something I “am”.  I was always playing a role, or wondering if someone was watching me, and what were they thinking of me. After spending time with Elissa in Hawaii, I am no longer concerned by what anyone else thinks of me and my body. I trust my own natural impulses to guide me and am motivated only by the joy I feel in the movement. Thank you, thank you for this precious gift….the gift of meeting myself. I am beautiful!!!

~ Colleen P.