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Imagine a place where you come together with others to explore you...your body...your mind...your heart and soul for an entire week.

Where you learn to cultivate and maintain fitness and holistic health through Nia's unique learning style which is rooted in joy, ease, self-discovery and the intimate self-renewal process.

Where community, truth, transformation & practical experiences open you up to a new way of moving and a new vision of fitness.

Where you explore mind+body fitness & experience the vast creative potential of energy, the power of intention & focus, & seductive ways of music. Where you discover awareness, knowledge & self-intimacy that will naturally awaken and ignite your fullest potential.

Nia intensives are the place to experience & feel the organic intelligence of the sensory & intuitive body, the expanded, unlimited potential of the mind, the loving & compassionate nature of spirit, & the dynamic expression of the emotional self.

Step into a personal journey that unfolds day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. The week unfolds as eloquently as a dance, as each of the 13 White Belt principles builds on the next through both cognitive and experiential learning models. The entire process lays a firm foundation for teaching and sharing Nia with others. You'll go home with a clear plan for embodying the 13 principles over the next year. In addition, you may purchase the Nia Business & Marketing Manual that will provide you with all you need to create a successful Nia business. The entire Nia Organization, the Nia newsletter and the Nia videotapes are available to support you. As you integrate Nia into your life, you'll experience what it means to embody Nia.

This empowering week-long training includes:

  • The Nia Technique White Belt Certificate of Completion
  • Global Unity video and 3 month pre-training study guide
  • Nia White Belt Intensive Manual
  • Daily Nia classes
  • 50 hours of training
  • Graduation dinner

Fee $1499. Initial deposit $500.
Balance due 30 days prior to training date.

To register or for more information, contact Liz Ganz directly:
512.657.5880 or by email at

Should you wish to teach the Nia Technique, it is required that certification be renewed annually by submitting a licensing fee of $520 (or $45/month electronic debit from checking) to the Nia Technique. This fee includes four Nia routines you'll teach from, web-site listing, as well as other certified Nia teacher benefits.

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The Nia White Belt Intensive Training is a week-long program (about 50 hours) designed to deliver a state-of-the-art body*mind*spirit training and teacher education.

Everyone who has experienced the White Belt Intensive has come back to class with a deeper understanding of their body. They move with more confidence, comfort and ease.

Why? It has to do with attention and awareness. Nia classes are generally one hour long. Even if you take class every day, there is a limit to what the teacher can cover. The Nia White Belt is one-week long. When you give yourself the gift of studying your body in depth for a week, you are bound to look at yourself in a more complete and integrated way. You will learn the difference between how your body is designed to move and how you actually move it. You will focus on the foundation of Nia - the elements of martial arts, healing arts and dance arts.

You don't have to want to teach to take the training. In fact, you will find that students take and retake the training for a number of reasons. Some want to improve their ability to move. Others are going through a personal transition in their lives and they want to get grounded in their bodies before moving ahead. Some take the training simply because they love Nia, and they can't get enough of it. Others … well… they aren't sure; they take it because it just seems like the right thing to do.

Whatever your reason, if you have any desire to study your body and learn how to play and move with ease, Nia promises that the training will change your life. Your dance will soften or become more crisp, it will unfold or go more deeply inside. You will experience your body in a way that you won't forget. You will have a practice that is rooted in joy and dynamic ease for the rest of the life of your miraculous body. You will come home to yourself.

Body Vida is committed to excellence in Nia programming and education. Body Vida was conceived and created as a place for the promise of Nia to be honored and shared with integrity and passion. Classes are taught daily in our beautiful Nia dojo, and you can experience a variety of teaching personalities and styles from our excellent teaching staff.

Our beautiful South Austin studio, nestled in the heart of the fabulous South Congress district is close to unique shops, restaurants, accommodations, and public transportation. Austin Texas is a green, friendly and culturally diverse city dedicated to the joy of living life with gusto and ease. Austin is also home to a vibrant Nia community, including over 25 active teachers and more than 100 classes a week all over town.

If more than 30 days from Intensive Start Date:
To secure your space send a $500 USD deposit by check or money order payable to Liz Ganz c/o Body Vida Studio, 1109 S. Congress Ave. ste 110, Austin, TX 78704 along with your signed and completed registration forms. Detailed instructions are contained in your registration packet. Your Tuition balance is due 30 days prior to Intensive start date by check, credit card or money order. If you are paying by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) write your number on your forms, and Liz will call you to confirm your payment information.

If fewer than 30 days prior to the Intensive start date:
Full tuition payable to Liz Ganz by check, money order, or credit card, with signed and completed registration forms.

Intensive Trainings 2006
April 20 - 26
June 23-29 (Click here for info)
July 20 - 26
October 19 - 25

Cost: $1499.00 includes pre-training materials and graduation dinner.

Intensives typically run for 7 days (from a Friday evening to a Thursday night). Out-of-town Intensive participants are highly encouraged to seek their own housing options. There are many options that are close to Body Vida Studio (click the links below). Members of the Austin Nia community sometimes extend low-cost or no-cost housing options for Intensive participants.

San Jose Hotel | The Austin Motel | Austin Hostels | Miller Crockett House


Teacher's Agreement and License Fee:
There is an annual fee paid by Certified Nia Teachers to The Nia Technique for support, permission to teach Nia and the use the Nia name and logo and continuing education materials. The fee for 2003 for US Residents is $520.

The Teacher's License fee includes:

  • Permission to use the Nia work, techniques, principles and choreography and routines for the purpose of offering Nia classes and workshops
  • Permission to use the Nia name and logo
  • 4 continuing education routines including videotapes, 8BCs and music
  • Quarterly Nia newsletters and educational handouts and much, much more

The Teacher's License fee can be paid at the conclusion of the intensive or any time thereafter. There are full and monthly payment options for this. The materials, documentation and support are unparalleled.

“I am resuming regular teacher trainings for certified teachers. If you live in Austin you receive the benefits of proximity to me as your trainer and the potential for growth through ongoing mentoring and Nia community events. If you do not live in Austin, you can still benefit from the wide network of teachers in your area, as well as all over the world.

This is an exciting time in the evolution of our world and this is a very important time for Nia. I believe that this is a sign of the convergence of three important schools. Fitness, Wellness, and Personal Growth. The Body Mind Spirit world of which we have been drawn to is developing and now becoming mainstream and Nia and all of you is at the apex of this shift. I encourage all of you to follow your dream, take the intensive, and be part of this magical web that unfolds day by day through the Nia Technique.”

Learn more about Liz Ganz, Nia Trainer
To register or for more information, contact Liz Ganz directly:
512.657.5880 or by email at


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