BEING LIVED ~ A Process Using Everything

This extraordinary body of work is for everyone. It offers a way for us to become self-aware while tapping into the massive wisdom of our collective consciousness. BeingLived celebrates who we are in the present moment by infusing every cell in our bodies with living art…in this way we continue to reveal ourselves, transform, to serve our evolution and inspired visions.

Founded by Liz Ganz, Program facilitator and Creative Director of the BeingLived Performance Company. Click here to learn more about Liz.

BeingLived asks the questions...

  • What if your soul is using your life to decide who to be in this moment?
  • What if every choice we make is an act of self-definition?
  • What if we can use our life experience as a source of creativity and healing, sourcing any moment from the altar of the body/mind experience?

BeingLived is a somatic rekindling process where we renew our connection to the present moment again and again from the viewpoint of our authentic self/the body.

BeingLived reawakens our innate spiritual nature and assists individuals in the realization of of their own spiritual identity through the creation of a personal labyrinth that moves through defining moments of our life as it is lived.

The Being Lived Work

The BeingLived work is an organic, growing process that takes many forms.

We use a practice called recapitulation, somatically revisiting life events, and reclaiming energy that was used to store the effect of these events in our body. We use art, writing, drawing, and dancing to open up the windows of our life as art and renew our relationship to the creative Source.

BeingLived speaks to a need to see our humanity reflected back to us in every breath, every gesture, every glance of recognition that has the power to unify and heal that which keeps us separate. There is something hugely affirming in being seen, heard, and understood.

This practice is for everyone who longs for a deeper connection to their body as teacher, healer, artist, friend. This experience will be inspirational for performers, writers, visual artists, as a way to generate personal material. This experience can be a rich resource for anyone who desires a more creative and inspirational vehicle for their spirit. You do not need any prior movement experience. You have everything you need just by living your messy and miraculous life.

The BeingLived Immersion Experience is a 5 hour interactive session where we explore the fundamentals of the BeingLived process. We will design a personal life as art ritual that serves as a vehicle for individual and social change. Writing, Drawing, Dancing, Vocalization, and more.

Immersion Experience Part One ~ is for everyone
Immersion Experience Part Two ~ is more in depth (prerequisite is Part One)

Upcoming sessions: Part One - TBA; Part Two - Nov 5; Click here for more info

“Our body holds the truth of our experience in our blood, our bones, our cells and in our dance. Our body wants and needs to speak.
The BeingLived Performance Company

Body Vida is the home of the BeingLived Performance Company

The company rehearses weekly and performs every other month on Friday evenings at 8pm. Performances are alive, electric, and raw, often inviting audience participation, and always fresh with universal themes, humor, tenderness, and inspiration.

The performance work is a living art form whose time has come. It calls participants and audience witnesses to their creative edge, and to the heart of the life that most wants to live through them. It is soul food which satiates and nourishes body, mind and spirit. BeingLived is visionary social change alchemy with healing and sacred intent. It gives voice to our inner most beings and callings. This groundbreaking process has valuable therapeutic qualities and community building potential.

Currently, outreach programming is in development with clear intentions to share this work locally, nationally, and globally. We hope to engage:

  • Diverse Youth and women’s populations
  • Community Leadership and Development Organizations
  • Recovery and Therapy populations (both patients and practitioners)
  • Expressive Arts, Theater and Fine Arts students and educators
  • Professionals in areas of Social Work & Social Justice
  • Public Health professions and School Educators
  • And many more...
BeingLived will eventually be training and certifying facilitators to bring this work and vital education to their local communities.


More Information
For more information, click here to contact Liz Ganz.


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